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Publicvitae is a tool which changes the concept of service quality assessment and the customer service of all kinds of customer-facing businesses. Offices, stores, hotel and restaurant businesses, free-lance professionals, service companies, public administration…

Apart from the products or services offered, the businesses which achieve better customer satisfaction are those which can rely on a team of customer service experts who are qualified, attentive, flexible and creative.

For this reason, it is very important to have a system which assesses the work of professionals in every sector and which has realistic goals.

At the same time it is important that employees know how their customers understand their work, not only to improve their performance but also to get appropriate acknowledgement from their employers.


By knowing your mistakes and those of your employees you will be able to provide solutions thus prioritizing customer needs.


As the assessment is always going to be private, it will always be realistic and constructive.


The best offers and the best employees at your disposal.

A good manager is aware of their employees’ performance level

When we analyse the performance and productivity of a business, we realise that the assessment of an employee’s performance can be infrequent or even non-existent. Many small or family businesses lack appraisal analysis and the customer is not informed of their existence at the time they have an opinion about the quality of the service.

Publicvitae aims to create a transparent assessment culture, both to improve the quality of the employee working in customer services and the needs of the customer. It enables the employee to be aware of their progress and areas in which they need to develop.

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